triOS College wants to help you every step of the way, and there are resources to give you a hand to build your future.

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What We Offer To You

We understand that it’s imperative to have all the right resources on hand in order for our students to succeed. At triOS College, we offer all the necessary help you need to have a stellar experience at school, and even after you graduate. We truly believe in setting you up for a bright future.

Career Management

Our Career Management program is a mandatory course that is offered in all of our diploma programs. We believe that by providing training on how to effectively prepare for the opportunities that await our students after they graduate, we are ensuring that they are ready for their new career.

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Workshops and Presentations

We believe that practice makes perfect when searching for employment. With several hands-on workshops, we teach you how to search for positions that match your skills and experience, so that you can get working as soon as you become a graduate.

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Build Your Resume

When you begin your job search, it is important to be prepared with your supporting documents. During your Career Management class, you will be taught how to create a resume. Over the course of your program at triOS, you will constantly make updates.

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Career Fairs

It is our mission to make meaningful connections with employers so that we have pre-existing opportunities for internship placements, as well as job placements.

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Student Ambassador

The triOS Student Ambassador program is a student-run operation within each of our campuses that enhances your overall student experience. The program allows students to develop valuable soft skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork and innovation, while enhancing communication between campus staff and students.

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Student Tutoring

We offer tutoring services which we hope will help our students feel more comfortable and confident in their studies and in the classroom. The Student Tutoring program will also provide students with additional resources to help them be successful.

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Start Your Journey

Your next chapter starts today. We can help with your financial situation and choosing a new career path based on your personality, situation and goals.

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Career Quiz

Take this quiz to learn more about where your interests can take you! The quiz gives you suggestions on what fields you may want to consider based on your responses. Give it a try!