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"Thank you for delivering such a great remote learning experience."
Billy-Jack B, Toronto

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We’re enrolling today, to ensure a brighter future for students tomorrow

The triOS team has worked tirelessly since the COVID-19 precautions began to be able to deliver our programs remotely. Our goal is to ensure our existing students and new students continue to work toward their new career and a brighter future. Watch the video below to learn more.

What is remote learning delivery?

Over 3,000 of our current students are working towards graduation and their new careers by continuing their education through remote learning delivery. Instructors are working to facilitate presentations and group discussions, provide lessons, assign homework, and other vital classroom activity through video conference and other remote channels. Our goal is to make sure we continue to provide students with the education they need to graduate into their new careers. But don’t take our word for it, read some of the student testimonials below to see what some of our students are saying about remote learning delivery!

What does remote learning look like?

  • instructor led classes
  • follow the same schedule with classes held at the same time
  • class discussions and debates continue through video
  • same in-class content is reviewed (ie. presentations, case studies)
  • one-on-one student check-ins with instructors
  • learn new communication skills and technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams to better prepare you for future work situations
  • it is not online learning, you are guided through the learning with your instructor and classmates

Technology Requirements

Learn more about the technology requirements that will help you succeed in a remote learning environment.

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I feel that triOS and Eastern College students are benefitting greatly from remote learning format, along with the in-class format. People who may be nervous, do not live in close proximity of a school, or do not have access to child care, will benefit greatly from remote learning courses. They will have the opportunity to attend class from the comfort of their own home.

Andrew H, Mississauga (Supply Chain and Logistics)

I was concerned that remote learning would be difficult but our Instructor made it easy. She was there to help us through every step of the way. After this Program I am not only prepared, I am also excited to begin my new career in Digital Marketing, and confident that I can overcome any and all challenges in the field!

James R, Scarborough (Business & Digital Marketing Specialist)

I have a never been happier with a decision, certainly didn’t expect to enjoy school so much. I’m absolutely loving the online classroom. I was a little nervous as I’m not very tech savvy but everything has worked amazingly for me. This has not only been a positive change for me but also for my two girls watching and supporting me as they have watched me struggle to support the family and to be continually looking for something better for many years. This is part of our path to better and it just keeps going up.

Alison K, Hamilton (Accounting & Payroll Specialist)

I was elated when I heard we could start online and we would just wait to see when we could open. The entire school administration has worked so hard making it possible. Everyone has been patient and working together to make this year a success.

Michelle P, Hamilton (Massage Therapy)

I’ve had nothing but a great experience so far. Through the entire on-boarding process I felt very supported!

Tansy S, London (Accounting & Payroll Administrator)

Having fun!!!!! There is a lot of people over 40. Lol I don’t feel lonely 😂 it is so exciting.

Paola B, London (Addiction Worker)

My name is Muktika and I am a new student of Supply Chain & Logistics. I have only attended the Business Communication classes with Mr.Ram Bhadran that was held last two weeks.I would really like to thank Mr.Ram for the very well organised & interesting lectures, those were absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several online training before but I can’t recall any of them having such a strong impact. Our final review today also went really well & the pub quiz idea was great.
I would also like to thank you for the wonderful arrangements you have made for the students in-spite of the tough time we all are in today and appreciate all your efforts & hard-work.

Muktika T, Mississauga (Supply Chain & Logistics)

Remote learning is going great and a little fun since I don’t have to get ready lol!

Jocelyn O, Windsor (Massage Therapy)

To my instructor Giuseppe G: You have been amazing so far. I could not find any difference with your class room teaching and remote teaching as you give the best as always.

Feby S, Brampton (Physiotherapy Assistant/Occupational Therapy Assistant)

Ryan is doing an amazing job through this transition to remote delivery. He has been in contact with every single one of us. He has been staying online to chat with the students who are having a problem downloading the program for next week. He has been on top of us, making sure we are understanding our work.

Stacey W, Hamilton (Medical Office Assistant)

Everything went very well as if we were at the actual class.

Anas A, Mississauga (Enterprise Web & Mobile Developer)

I appreciate the use of Microsoft Teams for continue learning during this period of cover-19 pandemic. It is a welcome development, and I look forward to completing my program using the online collaborative tool.

Michael O, Mississauga (Information Technology Professional)

I just want to say that my experience during this pandemic as a student is great! Doug is doing a fantastic job delivering remote learning. As someone with asthma, COPD and a visual impairment, this is soooooo much better for me. I can see everything now and my risk of getting sick, which I was always worried about is very minimal. Thank you for delivering such a great remote learning experience.

Billy-Jack B, Toronto (Applications Developer)

I am very much happy with the decision made of remote learning. This has helped me to focus on my studies as well take care of my 5 month which could have been a nightmare otherwise due to the spread of this fatal virus. The team of trios is doing an incredible job. Thank you so much.

Meera P, Scarborough (Information Technology Administrator)

I’m loving it so far. Its been fun getting to know my classmates.

Felicia W, Hamilton (Massage Therapy)

Sean’s experience with remote learning

"I knew it would all be done online, but I had no idea that we would be sitting in essentially a virtual classroom. I had assumed it would be more so we got videos to watch, workbooks to do, and quizzes. That being said, I am very grateful that they decided to have an actual teacher. It made the entire experience much more like a classroom than an individual isolated learning experience."

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