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Explore the Faculty of Technology's eight intensive programs that merge in-depth learning in small classes with intensive, real-world internships. Learn from industry experts who can teach you to develop and design technological advances that contribute to a business' success.

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    Faculty of Technology

    Our Technology Faculty covers a full variety of programs in Information Technology and Application Development. What sets triOS apart is our unique hands-on training approach combined with our non-semestered (one course at a time) structure, which makes it easy to learn each technical topic in logical order. Moreover, our small class sizes allow for personalized help, and students consolidate their understanding of key topics using practical projects.

    Information Technology (IT) Administration and Software Development Programs

    Information Technology (IT) Administration Programs

    IT is one of the most diverse technology fields as it encompasses the deployment, configuration, and administration of a wide range of different technologies including PCs/desktops, wired and wireless computer networks, servers (Windows Server and Linux), cloud technologies, automation software, mobile devices, web servers, databases, and email services. Additionally, IT includes the cybersecurity processes, tools, and technologies used to protect systems and data, as well as responding to and mitigating security breaches.


    Software Development Programs

    Every software app you use on your phone, tablet, and computer was created by software developers, as was every website and online service you’ve visited or used. And software developers are integral to this digital revolution. Mobile developers design, create, and maintain the apps that are used on your mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, wearables), while web developers design, create, and maintain the cloud apps and websites that provide for a rich online experience from your web browser.

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