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Join triOS College at Kitchener campus and take advantage of all the perks - including the student lounge open for studying and relaxation.

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triOS' Kitchener campus is located at 235 King Street East near the intersection of King Street East and Eby Street South. Students at our Kitchener campus enjoy an expansive facility with a bright reception area. The campus also has spacious classrooms and an open concept lounge giving students lots of room to eat, study, and relax.

Situated right in the heart of downtown Kitchener, the campus is within walking distance of an abundance of dining options, attractive parks, a gym, the Kitchener Museum, various government offices (e.g. Service Ontario), and the Kitchener Public Library. The campus is easily accessible by public transit, and parking is available.

Prometric & Pearson Vue Testing

triOS offers Prometric and Pearson VUE testing facilities in almost all of its campuses, providing a reliable, professional and positive experience for anyone required to take an exam.

With convenient locations and hours, triOS enables individuals to write Prometric and/or Pearson VUE examinations according to their schedules in order to gain the qualifications required for career advancement, professional development, skills assessment or other types of certifications.

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Reviews from our students

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare - Kitchener Campus
Saima Nazir
1 month ago
Mike K
1 month ago
Went for the first time for a massage…and my God I cannot say enough positive things about this place. My restless leg is now the good leg after I walked away. I still can’t thank you guys for what you do. Magic hands thank you so much 🙏🏻 I will definitely be a promotional for you guys, and I will definitely be back for more massages With somebody who lives with chronic pain everyday you give me hope
noname noname
5 months ago
Shrey Vora
5 months ago
Haley MacIntyre
1 year ago
triOS College is a really good college the program choice is amazing and the staff at triOS college are amazing and very supportive and helpful!!!
Kay S
1 year ago
The student massage therapists are great and the price ($30 for 1 hour) can't be beat. You can book up to 5 appointments in advance but appointments have gotten a lot easier to get lately as more students are working on getting their hours
Margie Kooistra
1 year ago
Ursu Mariana
1 year ago
Mayette Unat
1 year ago
I had a great time at triOS college. I learned a lot of things and the faculty and staff are awesome. Thank you triOS!
Vala Suleman
1 year ago
Happy so far on my Business Administration program. Got all the help I needed! Thank you
Maram Istaitieh
1 year ago
During the pandemic, many of us lose our job. However, triOS provide an excellent opportunity to get the online chance to pursue career study in healthcare. The staff and instructors as well as my colleagues were supportive and professional. I enjoyed learning and meeting new friends. The opportunity to get an internship at a hospital through the college opens the door for many of us to build solid career and work opportunities. Thank you triOS for everything and for everyone.
Jillian B
2 years ago
Before even graduation, I was directed to one career support Lisa, who helped me with my resume. She and I chatted for over an hour, it was an easy conversation and she helped me understand how to write a simple but effective resume, unfortunately, she was relocated to another campus. HOWEVER, I was coming to the end of my course when I was introduced to a new career guidance support Jennifer, and she was just as awesome!! She not only answered my random and sometimes silly questions, but she also supported me after graduation through my interviewing and helped me with follow-up emails and responding to best practices. She was full of excellent advice and again was also very easy to chat with. I have to say that the career support from this college is outstanding!! Something that most colleges don't offer. I have said it once and I will say it again, thank you!!! For the support and guidance and education that has helped me take a step into this new journey. :)
Vidushee Singh
2 years ago
Trios has been an awesome experience! I completed my supply chain and logistics and am currently in internship and Marvin is an excellent teacher and an educator! I had difficulties transitioning in my internship and the employment specialist,Vinicius Reid is absolutely amazing!! He went over and beyond to help me and support me,it has been such a positive experience working with him and I can't thank him enough for being absolutely compassionate and being a genuine human being! I wish him all the absolute best 😊
Sharon Wang
2 years ago
triOS is really amazing place for me.I graduated with Supply Chain& Logistics Diploma with Internships and CIFFA certificate. Teachers are very helpful and professional.Right now I have got a job in a 44 years company with satisfied pay, and the knowledge I got from triOS did a lot for me in getting this position. Anyway, as a successful graduate, I highly recommend triOS.
Yasir “Google Pro”
2 years ago
I am taking IT program at trios college Kitchener campus they have two IT teachers one teaches the beginners end and the other one (Jason E) who teaches the advanced end of IT he is the best teacher ever but biggest problem is they deliver so much material that cant be properly practiced in given time frame
Brenda McPhail
2 years ago
Although it was a positive experience there are things I believe need improvement. I took the MOA program. I felt the spent more time teaching administration ie. Accounting, word, PowerPoint etc and not enough time on scheduling, and actual medical procedures. Many places hiring want terminology certificates which would definitely help when looking for work. I was not successful in finding work in the medical office field however, I am currently training as a HSW. Therefore some of what I learned I have benefitted from. The instructors are awesome aside from one particular instructor who does accounting and office. The instructor who is responsible for teaching the medical side of the course is awesome.
Simret Tequbo
2 years ago
Alexandrina Buzna
2 years ago
Steven Coverdale, thank you very much for your support and inspiration. The one-week course was very informative and I learned so much. You made the material easy to remember. I really appreciate your continuing help. You are awesome
Jesse Dick
2 years ago
I've only been in school for three weeks but my Instructor/Teacher Steven Coverdale has made my experience amazing and and all around enjoyable to be in class! There is a very few people that can actually ingage a class and not have them complain and or want to leave. It has been one of my best experiences in a school atmosphere have him as my Instructor/Teacher and I think all my classmates would agree with me!
Rachelle Ann Pascua
2 years ago
Jordan Brown
2 years ago
Two months into my program and I am really enjoying it! All staff and instructors are really great and happy to help. Remote learning is different but you'll get used to it!
Prince Bravo
2 years ago
I recently finished my two years program as an IT professional at triOS Kitchener campus. Jason Eckert is the best instructor you can ever have. His teaching skill is phenomenal. Leslie Huys was my employment specialist and she is super nice and love to help me without hesitation, whenever I asked her for help. Also special thanks to Margaret Millner, for being super nice. I can't thank you enough. I made the right decision by choosing triOS Kitchener campus and I strongly recommend anyone looking for best college the region.
Hawazen Salaima
2 years ago
As an intern at Career Services Department, triOS College I would say that I've had the most of my internship by getting supported by highly professional Employment Specialists at Kitchener site (Leslie and Leann). Throughout my practicum hours I've sensed the organization's encouraging culture. The staff in all departments show collaboration, dedication, and constructive teamwork. It's been an a privilege working in such a great educational organization which is an added value for myself personally and professionally. Thank you so much triOS!!
James Brown
3 years ago
Went to this School and it was great, teachers and faculty were awesome. Have any issues, faculty is there to help with what they can.
Jacqueline Shehab
3 years ago
The receptionists at Trios were both friendly and efficient. Thanks for a great experience !
Melanie Wakefield
3 years ago
Very friendly staff.. expensive parking.
Kyle Millard
3 years ago