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Located on the East side of Windsor in front of Tecumseh Mall. A convenient drive from the county or within the city. Free parking available.

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triOS' Windsor campus is located at 7610 Tecumseh Road East, near the intersection of Lauzon Parkway and Tecumseh Road East.

Conveniently situated in front of the Tecumseh Mall and just behind the Hakim Optical, the Windsor campus is within close proximity of many dining options, attractive parks, and the WFCU Centre. The campus is easily accessible via public transit and highway 401, and offers plenty of free parking for easy accessibility to class!

Prometric & Pearson Vue Testing

triOS offers Prometric and Pearson VUE testing facilities in almost all of its campuses, providing a reliable, professional and positive experience for anyone required to take an exam.

With convenient locations and hours, triOS enables individuals to write Prometric and/or Pearson VUE examinations according to their schedules in order to gain the qualifications required for career advancement, professional development, skills assessment or other types of certifications.

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In need of a massage? Check out our massage clinic at the Windsor campus.

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Reviews from our students

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare - Windsor Campus
Sunita Bhore
3 weeks ago
I was a student of trios college. During my course my Theory Instructor Meena Singh and Clinical Instructor Erdine,both were helpful. Meena Singh is a great, dedicated and enthusiastic Teacher. Erdine is a friendly and always protective instructor.
meena ramdhani
1 month ago
Lori Magda is an excellent teacher. She explains everything in detail to make course material understandable. She is very knowledgeable, friendly, approachable, and understanding. She answers all my questions and shows me where I made mistakes so I understand where I went wrong. I wish there are more people like her teaching because not only does she teach the course material, but she talks about life experiences to help you understand concepts. Thank you Lori Magda
Neelu Kumari
1 month ago
Theory instructor Meena Singh and placement instructor Erdine Rooper both are very good and supportive nature.
1 month ago
TriOS college helped train me to be a great psw. Our teacher Prag was wonderful teaching through different methods and story telling. Her knowledge and care for people is extraordinary. I do miss her talks and her laugh. The course was easy to apply , set up and navigate. Recommended it to a friend who is completing her placement right now for psw. Thanks to the whole team for a great experience. We'll appreciated.
Jaime Pritchard
2 months ago
Ram was so kind and understanding with everyone. I really enjoyed having him as an instructor:)
Tiffany Hillaby
2 months ago
Ram Bhadran was an excellent instructor. I was fortunate to have Ram as my instructor for both Diversity in the Workplace and Group Dynamics. Ram presented the course content in a way that was easy to understand, and he used real-life examples to help students gain a clear understanding of the course materials. I would recommend him as well as these two courses to anyone.
Nour aboueljoud
2 months ago
Professor Ram was so amazing with us he took the time to explain everything also he's very approachable, I would recommend that everyone take his classes.
Its me soso
2 months ago
Ram was a fantastic instructor. He was very understanding and patient with everyone!
Chevanese Fuller
2 months ago
All my credit goes to meena Singh the tutor for the PSW program at trios college she is just the best everything is detailed if you should ever try the college for that program that the teacher for you big up meena your simply the best .
Jamaalo Mao
2 months ago
Professor Ram Bhadran's Group Dynamics class was absolutely fantastic! His teaching style is superb. He explains complex ideas in a way that's easy to understand and remember. The team huddles were a brilliant touch, showing us firsthand the real-world importance of teamwork. As a law clerk student, this class was a game-changer for me. It covered everything from understanding group dynamics to effective conflict resolution. Learning about leadership was made straightforward and I now have practical strategies for handling group challenges. The final exam revision was spot-on helping us achieve the grade we truly deserved. What sets Professor Bhadran apart is his unparalleled commitment. He was literally available 24/7 for questions and answer sessions, a level of accessibility that many professors don't offer nowadays. If only I could take another course with him! I would recommend his class to all students without hesitation. He deserves more than 5 stars. I’m truly grateful for the knowledge and skills gained in this outstanding class! All the best with your future classes, Professor Bhadran! Hope to see you again in one of your classes. You're a true gem in the world of education!
Lyle Dunn
3 months ago
Introduction to Business course. My experience with this course was exceptional. I loved the flow and Layout of the course material. The Daily discussion boards were very educational and made ones participation very intwined into the topics at hand. Assignments were very fulfilling and educational on the topic material. My Professor Ram Bhadran Was very Friendly and well liked Professor. I truly enjoyed Mr. Bhadran's Knowledge and expertise in the subject matter and appreciated his delivery of the course material. His delivery of the material made it easy to understand and his presentation made the material more real. Thank you so much Ram Bhadran for being my professor for this course. You are a very valuable member of the Trios College Community. Thank You.
Brittnie Cappe
3 months ago
Ram is patient, knowledgeable, relaxed and supportive. He's easy to approach with any concerns or questions, his main goal is to ensure you understand the topics by providing multiple way to learn the material based on what type of learner you are. Excellent teacher.
Nicole Sims
4 months ago
Mr.Ram was a fantastic instructor. He was very understanding, informative and enthusiastic throughout the courses. I learned well especially when he would give examples so you'd have a better understanding of what was being taught. Would have him as my instructor again.
mackayla simpson
4 months ago
Mr. Ram taught the class in such a perfect way, I was never lost or confused. He would give examples of whatever the lesson was on and would make sure it was clear for everyone before moving on to another chapter!! :) Truly appreciate him as an instructor.
Noor Al-Hakim
4 months ago
Mr. Ram is a great instructor. All his classes were very informative, and he puts a lot of thoughts into how he presents the material. His lessons were engaging, useful, and fun. He was very patient with everyone in class. Thank you Mr. Ram! Always a pleasure being your student.
Michelle Ivan
4 months ago
I appreciate the lessons that were taught by mr.Ram. He was very understanding and always had something to tell us.
Raafat Mahmoud
4 months ago
I would like to say thank you to Ram Bhadran for being an amazing instructor. When started with Ram he was very knowledgeable of all the human resources and management he gave us great knowledge. I've learned more than what I thought I did :) Ram keeps being an amazing instructor and it was a pleasure being your student.
jesse james
4 months ago
Mr Ram was a really great Teacher he was very informative and the whole experience of being his student was fantastic
Awurakua Agyeman Blemano
6 months ago
I was highly inspired by Meena Singh and her excellent tutoring made me come out as the best even though I started as the worse. She truly brings out the best in you and encourages you to actualize the good in you. Meena was a mother for all and I really appreciate her effort to lead us to success. It was also amazing having my practical's with Erdina Roper. An excellent clinical supervisor for my placement. she encourages us which made us the best at the various placement centers and due to this I gain employment from these placement centers.
Alma Valdes
7 months ago
I spoke with Salama Karim for internship advice and found her approachable, clear, and understanding. Our conversation was extremely helpful, and she gave me valuable guidance that has given me confidence in starting my internship search. I am truly grateful for her support.
Natley M
10 months ago
First of all, I can't thank my instructor Monica Laroque enough. She was always patient and motivated us all the time even when we were doubtful. Her teaching skills was everything and I couldn't ask for a better teacher for the PSW course and also Adriana my clinical supervisor who always checked up whilst I was doing my placement. To the staff of Trios Toronto campus thank you all for the opportunity to complete this course.
Armand Hammer
10 months ago
Judith Thomas
10 months ago
MONICA, I am woman of few words. You simply the BEST.
Vala Suleman
11 months ago
I had the best experience because of Mr.Ram, the greatest instructor I ever had. Thank you for everything you have done for us
1 year ago
Awesome place for an education, admin staff are professional and the instructors are amazing and knowledgeable.
Sonya Vieira
1 year ago
I attended Trios college for the PSW program and recently graduated with distinction. I was apprehensive initially as I have been out of school for many years and also have young children however, I desperately needed a change and was tired of jobs that brought me no happiness so I went for it. My teacher throughout the program was Menna Singh, I read people very well and I knew instantly that she was going to push her students to be the best they could be, and that she did. Everybody has different learning styles, different personalities and this was a predominately online course so it could have potentially been easy for quieter students or students that had challenges to get lost in the background but not with Meena, she ensured all her students understood all the contents of each module, she pushed each of us to be the best we could be and complete tasks and assignments that were essential for us to successfully complete this program. Meena is a no nonsense teacher who doesn’t tolerate laziness and a lack of interest in your own learning however, without her passion for teaching, without her drive to see her students succeed I, along with many others would not have done as well as we did. If you are lucky enough to have her I guarantee in the end of your program you will feel the same. In terms of administrative staff they were very professional, returned emails and addressed my questions and concerns quickly and efficiently. I made lasting friendships with women that went through all the stress that comes with exams and assignments with me and I am extremely happy that I successfully completed this program and can start a career doing something I love that I believe makes a difference in peoples lives. Thank you Trios for the amazing experience.
Beth Dancy
1 year ago
I just graduated with a 94% average overall from the PSW program!!!! I couldn’t have done this amazing achievement if it wasn’t for Trios and my instructor Meena Singh! I have found a new career that I am passionate about and that I know I’m meant to be doing as well as some incredible friends! Thank you Trios and Meena!!!