Corporate Training

Helping local businesses by providing customizable training solutions.

Is your corporation looking for resources to help with employee development?

triOS College Corporate Training offers companies with customizable training solutions to help with employee growth and evolvement. Our institution works hand-in-hand with your company to understand your needs, and we then create a customized training plan which is specific to your business goals. We strive to aid companies in achieving the best results by engaging in collaborative discussions with our clients; a collaborative environment allows our team of corporate educators to design and deliver engaging training solutions.

We provide our client with multiple training tools to bridge the knowledge gap:

  •         Skills assessment for employees.
  •         Options for course delivery formats – Lecture style, hands-on, instructor-led, e-learning.
  •         Published training calendars on your company’s LMS.
  •         Custom course materials.
  •         After-training support.
  •         Determining the ROI on training.

We even customize courses to fit your needs! We understand that each corporation’s success is based on different foundations, so to help your create a strong base of employees, we work closely with you to develop courses that fit right into your business model. Here are examples of some of the courses we’ve customized for various employers:

  •         Microsoft Products: Excel, Work, PowerPoint, Access – all versions (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  •         Advanced Excel for Supply Chain
  •         Purchasing Management in Supply Chain
  •         Advanced Analytics
  •         Finance for the Non-Financial Manager
  •         Data and Financial Analysis
  •         Fundamentals of Management Strategy
  •         Leadership & Management Communication 

We will come to you!

Courses will be delivered based on your company’s requirements and preferred location.

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