Accounting and Payroll (Online)

Learn the ropes of managing accounting and payroll tasks in as little as 33 weeks. Conveniently study at your own pace and schedule wherever you are with this accounting and payroll administration online program.

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    33 Weeks



    Program Outline

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    About the Program

    With this online diploma program, you will complete accounting and payroll online courses that will teach you fundamental concepts and allow you to master computerized accounting systems and business application software. With our small class sizes, you can obtain the proper attention and guidance from our seasoned instructors for a more personalized learning experience.

    Upon graduation, you will earn an associate membership with the National Payroll Institute and be qualified to pursue the Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) designation.

    Take accounting and payroll courses online in Canada to study at your own pace and schedule – perfect for juggling multiple life priorities.

    Career Opportunities

    After completing this online diploma program, you can qualify for jobs in various sectors such as payroll, finance, personnel, accounting, and banking.

    Employers Who Have Hired triOS Grads

    • BKC Accounting & Tax Preparation
    • First Ontario Credit Union
    • CIBC
    • Trillium Bookkeeping Services
    • Royal Bank of Canada
    • ACI Tax Services
    • London Tax & Accounting


    100 %

    Employment Rate*

    $ 29

    Average Wage/HR**

    $ 39

    High Wage/HR**

    *Employment Rate based on 2021 contactable triOS graduates employed in a related field within 12 months.


    NOC Code: 1432 - **Wage data is rounded down to the nearest dollar. Average wage doesn't reflect the starting salary but represents the middle value between lowest to highest wages. Local (or regional) income may vary. Last updated in Jan 2024.

    Program Details

    Take a step closer towards a challenging and rewarding role in a professional business environment.

    With this Accounting and Payroll (Online) diploma program, you will learn how to compute individual pay, report government and third-party remittances, apply payroll legislation, and relay organizational processes and requirements to external and internal stakeholders. In addition, you will study accounting concepts, analyze banking procedures, interact with different ledgers, record business transactions, and more.

    Students enrolled in this program will receive:

    • Training on QuickBooks, Sage 50, and the latest software applications required by employers
    • Knowledge of Cost of Goods (COGS) management, financial statement analysis, inventory costing, and cash flow
    • Free subscription to Microsoft Office and Windows
    • Career planning assistance

    Upon finishing the online payroll accounting courses, you can apply for a Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) designation from the National Payroll Institute. This ensures that a company’s accounting and payroll employees understand and comply with legislation to keep their organization compliant during the whole yearly payroll cycle. Your certification will also give you access to a strong professional network and a plethora of updated resources that can help you stay compliant.

    To qualify for PCP designation, you also need to complete the following:

    • Payroll Compliance Legislation
    • Payroll Fundamentals 1 (Prerequisite: Payroll Compliance Legislation)
    • Payroll Fundamentals 2 (Prerequisites: Payroll Compliance Legislation and Payroll Fundamentals 1)
    • Introduction to Accounting course transfer credit (must be completed at a post-secondary institution)
    • PCP Work Experience Requirement Application (WERA) – requires a minimum of 1-year weighted payroll work experience

    All PCP courses (including the Introduction to Accounting transfer credit course) require a passing grade of 65%.

    For more information, visit

    Course Listings
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    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Introduction to Accounting (with QuickBooks)
    This course introduces basic accounting concepts and procedures. This courses addresses double-entry accounting, analysis of source information, classes of transactions, and the accounting cycle. Using these critical concepts, accounting skills are applied and integrated to record transactions using proper procedures and forms in both a manual and computerized accounting system, QuickBooks.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Intermediate Accounting with Sage 50
    This course continues the exploration of accounting procedures in payroll, petty cash, and bank reconciliations. Central to this course is the merchandising firm and its accounting cycle, appropriate valuation of inventory, and cost of goods sold calculations. This material will be applied in both a manual and computerized accounting system, Sage 50.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Advanced Accounting
    In this course, more accounting concepts regarding assets and liabilities including accounting for bad debt, depreciation, long-term assets, and cash flow analysis are explored. Advanced topics such as recording the effects of partnership and corporate activity, and the analysis of financial statements for decision making are integrated into accounting practices.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Microsoft Outlook
    This course is a combination of virtual training, assessments, and exams related to Microsoft Outlook. Skills covered include how to organize and manage communications, contacts, schedules, and tasks. Email and meetings are a major part of the professional world, learning how to compose, send, receive, store, and delete email messages, meetings, and appointments is crucial and covered in this module.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Microsoft PowerPoint
    This course is a combination of virtual training, projects, and exams in Microsoft PowerPoint. Skills covered include the creation of attractive, professional-looking presentations, using and formatting animations, transitions, pictures, audio, video, charts, tables, and incorporating speaker notes and annotations into presentations.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Career Planning & Preparation - Level 1
    Career Planning and Preparation Level 1 introduces tools for a successful job search. The course will help students maintain a career-focused approach throughout their academic program. Students will learn basic career preparation skills, such as how to research opportunities, network for industry contacts and use appropriate etiquette when communicating with prospective employers. Students will identify their personal skills, values and preferences for the workplace, begin preparation of a professional resume and cover letter, and organize proof documents for their career portfolio. Asynchronous class discussion on the discussion board on various career-planning topics will round out this module. This course is a pre-requisite for Career Planning and Preparation Level 2.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Career Planning & Preparation - Level 2
    This course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in Career Planning and Preparation - Level 1. Topics covered include how to conduct an effective job search and identify various methods of applying for work. Important career tools are the focus with the creation of a personal list of "Top Employers" and current industry opportunities, as well as finalizing a professional resume, career portfolio, and career correspondence. Interview skills explored and practiced are the identification of different types and forms of interviews, responding to typical questions, evaluating job offers, and negotiating terms of employment. Self-management topics are reviewed with a focus on strategies for long-term professional success.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Digital Literacy for Professionals
    This course introduces students to the fundamental concepts and principles of learning and working in a digital environment. This course will cover the following elements: using devices and handling information, creating and editing information, communicating and collaborating, and being safe and responsible online.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Microsoft Excel
    This course is a combination of virtual training, projects, and exams in Microsoft Excel. Skills covered include working with workbooks and worksheets, inputting data into worksheets, formatting cells, using functions and formulas, and creating and editing charts.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Payroll Fundamentals 1
    This course asses the methods for paying employees with regular and non-regular earnings. The calculation of allowances, benefits, and commissions, and determination of the impact of non-statutory deductions on employee pay are addressed. This course develops understanding of the role of the payroll department in hiring and terminating employees, including the completion of Service Canada's Record of Employment.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Payroll Fundamentals 2
    This course focuses on the proper recording of payroll information and using payroll technology, Federal and Non-Statutory remittances and reconciliations, Quebec Tax processes, year-end procedures, and Provincial, Northwest Territories and Nunavut medical and tax premiums, remittances, reconciliations, and Workers Compensation round out the skills covered to complete the knowledge required for Payroll Certification by the National Payroll Institute.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Payroll Compliance Legislation
    This course covers compliance responsibilities that affect organizations, comprehending relevant payroll related legislation, and effectively communicating this information to all stakeholders. Finding and applying the relevant information to a variety of scenarios for individual pay are integrated into the application of federal and provincial legislation to payroll including the Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, Income Tax, Employment Standards Legislation, Workers’ Compensation Acts, and Quebec specific legislation.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Student Success Strategies
    This course stresses the importance of developing non-technical skills to enhance personal, academic and career success. The course will address strategies that are important for all adult learners, such as managing finances, maintaining health and wellness, understanding learning styles, setting goals, and honing practical study skills, such as memory, reading, and test-taking techniques. In addition, this course is designed specifically for the online learner. Therefore, the course emphasizes strategies needed to succeed in an online program, such as navigating technology efficiently, interacting and engaging with peers and facilitators, and managing learning time and space.
    Icon-Quiz-Small Created with Sketch. Microsoft Word
    This course is a combination of virtual training, projects, and exams in Microsoft Word. Skills covered include formatting text for layout and appearance, formatting document parts, using styles, working with header/footer content, inserting and formatting tables, graphics and pictures, and working with templates and themes.
    Admission Requirements
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    High school graduation or equivalent. For those without high school completion, please refer to the Program Overview at the top of this page or speak with your Education Consultant.

    Career Quiz

    Take a quick and easy quiz to find out more about yourself and your goals, plus identify your strengths and social style. This quiz gives you suggestions for what career areas you might consider based on your likes and preferences. Give it a try now!


    Thank you triOS College for giving me the education and tools I needed to get my dream career. I had a full-time job 5 days out of school, and it feels amazing to be one of the lucky ones to have my dream job. Thank you, triOS!

    Rachael R.

    Graduated in 2013

    Successful graduates will have all the education credits necessary to pursue the Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) certification through the National Payroll Institute, which is an in-demand credential for payroll careers.

    Amy Pytlowany

    Accounting and Payroll Faculty Head, triOS College

    How Our Accounting and Payroll Program Can Help You

    Find out what our Accounting and Payroll program coordinator has to say about the program and what else you can expect when you take our accounting courses and payroll courses.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Accounting and Payroll Online Courses



    Can you do an accounting course online?

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    Yes, you can take accounting courses online and receive the same high-quality training you can get from in-person classes. On top of that, enjoy the convenience of online learning at your own pace and schedule wherever you are.

    What is the best online accounting course?

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    The best online accounting program should offer courses that teach you not only accounting and payroll principles but even Microsoft Office applications. triOS College’s Accounting and Payroll (Online) program covers these key courses to help you succeed as a future accounting professional.
    In addition, you will also take courses such as Student Success Strategies, Digital Literacy for Professionals, and Career Planning and Preparation to make studying and job hunting a breeze. Cap off your program with job search assistance from our dedicated Employment Specialists. Furthermore, you can join the National Payroll Institute upon completion of your program to unlock multiple benefits such as networking and access to research data and important compliance information.