Supply Chain Grad Shares Her Career Success Journey

December 10th, 2021

Kulwinder G. completed the Supply Chain & Logistics program at triOS College. She immigrated from India to provide more opportunities for herself and her young son. After completing the Supply Chain & Logistics program, she got a job at Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), applying her knowledge to Canadian customs.


Kulwinder being interviewed by OMNI Television

Kulwinder attended triOS College to study again and pursue a career in supply chain.

Kulwinder’s success story was featured on OMNI Television, where she details her experience in Punjabi. She provides more insight on her experience at triOS College and her internship at CBSA in the following interview.

What made you choose to study at triOS College?

I was looking for a college to enhance my skills. When I was looking online, triOS was the first result from my Google search. I liked what I saw and decided to apply.

What was your life like before you came to triOS? 

Before I came to trios, I was working at Walmart as a cashier at first. I slowly got promoted to department management and compliance, which is a good job. Then I was asked if I wanted to become an assistant manager. But by that time, I had decided to leave British Columbia for Ontario to pursue more opportunities.

What program did you study and why? 

I wanted to learn about the supply chain field, but I didn’t want to take a long course. I wanted something that was a good career but not the typical office job. I took the Supply Chain & Logistics online program.

I actually did my studies for my son. I wanted to be there for him. Even if I did take the manager job at Walmart, I wouldn’t have been able to get work hours during his school hours.

With a supply chain job, we’re at least able to be home together at night. Being a single mother is hard, but once you’re home and seeing your kid happy, it’s all worth it.

Do you have any advice for other newcomer students?

If they’re really looking to find a good job, then they should go with a program that has an internship especially if they don’t have experience in the field. It can be hard to find a job. Just taking an internship doesn’t guarantee you a job.

Overall, it’s important for the students to put in 100 percent. My internship was 4 months. I heard that no one hires you during your internship. I don’t know if I was lucky or putting in a really great effort, but they hired me after 2 months. I got to complete the remaining 2 months of my internship while being paid.

What was the most interesting thing you’ve learned about Canada? 

You have to work. No matter what, you have to work to live. In my country, you can be a housewife. But here, I think you both have to work. It’s very interesting also because you’re both putting in 50-50 to get 100. One person doesn’t have to do it all. I think it’s a good thing.

How would you describe your experience at triOS College?

Everything from the first day until the end was online. The only time I went to my campus was to do the initial interview. I visited the Brampton campus. My program was like an independent study with an instructor available. The program did a great job at teaching me what I needed to know to get hired.

What sort of job were you able to get once you graduated?

I wanted to go into purchasing, but I’m currently working as a customs broker clearing shipments. I work with the CBSA. Shipments are coming from the U.S. and other countries by air, sea, or land. I clear them with CBSA; I put those entries in. I learn a lot on the job every day. We’re never done learning. Currently, I’m talking to my boss about learning more areas in my department.

It wasn’t what I was originally expecting to do. I couldn’t go into purchasing because of the pandemic as it was hard to find internships. But I ended up really liking customs.  It has been a great learning experience.

How was your internship experience? 

I loved it. My manager was from Cameroon. She has been in Canada for the last 2 years, but she was working back home in customs for a long time. She was really helpful and taught me a lot. It was a multicultural environment.  With myself included, there were 5 different cultures. We learned a lot about each other’s country and experiences while we were working.  

I learned about all of the different processes in customs. You need to look out for what’s coming, how it’s coming, how to clear it, and what documents you will need. Items like food require different certificates depending on the country of origin, so you have to pay close attention.

You also need to have good customer service skills; you need to be able to explain the process to the customers. Before I started, I didn’t know about importers, exporters, or freight holders. I thought customs was just about clearing shipments. There are so many people involved in getting one shipment from one place to another.

What was your best memory from school?

When we had to learn Microsoft Office in class, I actually already knew it because of my background. Because I taught in India, I was already familiar with the programs. I taught fashion design, computers, and Photoshop. I jumped in and offered to help tutor the other students. I was kind of like a teacher’s assistant. My instructor really encouraged my skills.


Supply chain workers monitor a company’s internal activities, which ensure that an organization is running smoothly. These aspects include controlling operations and the procurement of goods and services. This concept refers to the moving of goods or services from supplier to customer through processes of conception, design, manufacturing, and shipping, and today’s global market requires capable, well-rounded employees, who can multi-task and take on a variety of challenges.

triOS College’s Supply Chain program includes an internship to provide students with hands-on experience before they enter the field.


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