triOS College Implementing Phased Approach to Re-opening Campuses

June 30th, 2020

As Ontario continues to progress through a multi-phase re-opening plan, triOS College has been working on an approach to safely and gradually re-open campuses across the province. For more information on Ontario updates regarding COVID-19, please visit:

Similar to the province’s plan, our approach to re-open our campuses is going to be a three-phased approach. Initial phases of re-opening will be limited to students who are in programs that need to complete hands-on learning to get their diploma.

Phase One will start on July 20th, 2020.

In-class learning will be limited to healthcare students requiring hands-on training, with all other training continuing remotely. Where program deliverables can continue to be met through remote delivery, students will continue with the current remote learning environment. A phased approach to returning to campus has been very carefully crafted, bearing the health and safety of our staff and students in mind, while ensuring that the measures in place and are in-line with Public Health guidelines.

These measures include:

  • Limiting the number of staff, students and clients on campus at any given time
  • Restructuring classrooms to allow for physical distancing and where the program requires staff and students to come within 2 meters/6 feet of each other
  • Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment
  • Requiring all staff, students and clients that come to the campus to complete active screening

Additional details about of the phased approach for our Ontario campuses can be found below:


  • Students returning to campus will be limited to those in a program of study that requires practical hands-on training to get their diploma.
  • Students in a program that requires clinic hours to graduate will return to complete their orientation and training on clinic protocols.
  • Public massage clinics will begin to reopen for students to be able to complete their required clinical hours.
  • Students in programs of study that have testing that needs to be completed to get their diploma.
  • Students returning will be in a staged approach.
  • Staff returning to campus will be limited to positions necessary to facilitate student learning.
  • Start and end times for programs will be staggered to allow for appropriate physical distancing while on campus.

There will be different program return dates during phase 1, dependent on the program.


  • Offerings of hybrid learning for programs that will benefit from physical in-class learning to enhance the experience will begin to be offered.
  • It is expected that programs will continue with some amount of remote learning through phase 2.
  • Programs that do not require to be in-campus to meet program deliverables will continue in remote learning.
  • Additional staff, where it is deemed appropriate will be phased to returning to work in-campus.


  • This phase is post-Covid-19 vaccine being available.
  • This will include operating in our ‘new’ and to-be defined normal.
  • This phase will include increased health and safety practices. All conditions will be lifted, with exceptions as defined by Public Health.